Art Classes Update - Jan 2022

Hi to all - many thanks for searching out our website!

Sad news is that all painting classes are now on hold, sorry!

We are still here to offer art materials, mounting, and perhaps even frames for your latest masterpiece. 

The gallery is open by appointment to view paintings or discuss commissions - please get in touch!


Art Classes Update -  June 2021

 A very loud "Hi" to you all!

Sorry that it's been a while since our update. 

Every evening, the T.V. news brings us all fresh reports of families whose lives have been changed forever by Covid and its' knock on effects to other ailments, so whatever life has thrown at you, we hope that you have all been "as well as possible" during that time.


As anyone would expect of a highly sensitive artist type, during this strange period in our lives I've found plenty of things to get fed up about, but Polly has gone from strength to strength - the great news is that she has been given an "All Clear" so my long ago promised peace and quiet now looks like being a distant pipe dream, so whether that's what would have happened anyway, or perhaps down to 18 months of "peace and quiet"- who knows / who cares!!!


It's a shame to follow such great news with, what for some, will be sad news. It's very obvious that the Covid problem is going to be with us for a long time yet. Thankfully numbers in our hospitals are currently low compared with some periods of the pandemic, but when I read in yesterday's paper that nearly 20% of those in hospital with Covid at the moment are there in spite of being "Double Jabbed", it makes it plain that encouraging anyone into indoor mixing, including art classes,  is not a responsible approach.

So the sad announcement is that there will be no further classes at High Meadow - at least for the remainder of this year.... after that - who knows!


The Gallery will continue to be open " by appointment" and I'd love it if you folks would arrange to come over for a socially distanced shop and chat.

Please do come and purchase paints/pastels/ paper/ canvas/ mounts & frames and all the other assorted art materials that fill the studio - I've got to pay some bills somehow!


We will also be open for the sale of commissions, paintings and prints ( so please tell your short sighted friends!) As we get nearer to Christmas, I look forward to turning all of your " Robin on a Spade Handle" paintings ( other ideas also encouraged!) into this year's Christmas cards!


So as our confidence returns, we must all try to get out there, attempt to pick up some bits of our lives, create some new memories and safely enjoy some of our Summer days.....


Our very best wishes to you all,


Ash & Polly x 

Website Update - Covid 19 - April 12th 2021 "Studio Opening" 

Great News......... but.......

Hi Folks - thanks for taking the time to browse at the website -  as you will all be only too well aware, the Coronavirus is still affecting us all.

Sadly, the Studio will be unable to re-open completely for the foreseeable future and there can be no restart date for classes of any sort to resume...... 

There are some areas where we will still be able to assist you with your creative ideas - 

1/  The Gallery will be open "by appointment" to anyone wishing to view paintings or to discuss a possible       commission.

This will be a visit for a maximum of 2 people, obeying 2 metre social distancing with facemasks used when inside the building please. Further contact regarding commissions can be done using Facetime or by email as appropriate for you.

2/ We will be happy to open "by appointment" on a Monday to help with paints, canvas, paper and other painting materials. Entry will be restricted to a small area of the studio, and I will be happy to run (?) around to collect anything   that you may require. 

Facemasks are required whilst  within the building please.  Contactless or credit /debit card purchases please.

Please get in touch to discuss any of the above, and to make an appointment to visit.

Take care, stay safe

many thanks,

Ash & Polly x















Download the 2020 newsletter

Download the workshop dates for the first half of 2020 on the Classes page





Hi One and All - 

Just a quick update regarding evening classes at High Meadow. 

Although many of you are familiar with evening classes on Wednesdays, I have decided to halt those, at least for the time being.

My musical ( ?? I'm a  drummer ) interests with the blues band are developing, and so Wednesday evenings are on hold from now on. 

Monday and Thursday evenings will carry on much as before, but as with all classes, please let me know when you hope to attend, to ensure that I will be here and that there is a space for you!

Apologies to those who have enjoyed Wednesday evenings over so many years - here's hoping that we will be able to have just as much fun on alternative occasions.




Picture Framing

Our usual framing service is going to have to alter, at least for a while. Until Polly is feeling better, I shall hope to be able to supply mounts and frames to your workshop paintings, but beyond that, I don't think that I will be able to help.

All external framing is going on hold for now - sorry if that lets you down.

As her health improves, I'm sure that Polly will be really pleased to take over the reins again, and stop me from interfering in her world! Watch this space!

Technology update -  debit / credit cards 

We can now take debit and credit cards in the studio, but sadly not "Mail Order" over the phone - sorry!

Bank Transfers are an alternative should you wish to purchase vouchers , materials or paintings from afar.

Please phone for a chat !


Studio, Gallery and Art Materials - Opening Times

The gallery and art materials shop is sometimes open during painting classes - generally Wednesdays, Thursdays and some Saturdays - perhaps get in touch to find a convenient time for a chat......     

We are also open "by appointment".... sounds posh, but all it really means is please give us a ring, and if we are here and free, you will be very welcome to visit!

It's an ideal time to discuss a painting that you might like to have painted especially for you - "Commission" sounds rather serious, but if you have a space on your wall, then perhaps the best way to fill it might be to get an idea of the style of painting from examples in the gallery, then work out the size that would best fit your space...... then together we might be able to come up with a subject that might suit....... then I get to play........... and we'll see what develops!

Please phone 01507 526 842/This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to confirm prior to coming along to ensure we are available.

With refreshments available at the garden center just down the road, we hope that High Meadow Studio will make a place of interest to bring your friends - not just the rich short sighted ones with lots of wall space………..but obviously they would be most welcome!

Find directions to the studio and gallery.