Happy  New  Year!

Slightly belated, I know...... but very best wishes for 2019 to you all.

So, the rumours (that I started) regarding my retirement seem to be just that - rumours - so here we go again..... one more time....!

I'm sneaking away for a ski break in Feb, so the new list of painting sessions for 2019 will be starting at the end of Feb .....

Evening classes start on Monday 25th and continue as usual on the Wednesday and Thursday of the week ....

If you might be interested in joining an evening class group, then please get in touch to discuss availability......


Wednesday 27th Feb is the first "Half day / full day DIY Class" - morning session begins at 9.30am through to 12.30pm....

afternoons now start at 1pm through to 4pm.... and if you plan to endure a full DIY day, then it's anytime between 9.30am and 4pm ....

The first "Workshop Demo" day will be on Thursday 28th - we will be painting a Cotswold Village and Stream in Watercolour


Download the 2019 newsletter

Download the workshop dates for the first half of 2019 on the Classes page



Painting Class Venues

When you get a chance to check on the new list of painting dates, you will perhaps notice that the classes that were held in Scunthorpe and New Waltham have stopped, at least for now.

Polly has not been well for a while, and so I plan to spend more time around home - time  perhaps to earn points towards my boy scouts style "Domestic Goddess " badge.

Classes as listed should continue here at High Meadow....... all welcome!

Picture Framing

Our usual framing service is going to have to alter, at least for a while. Until Polly is feeling better, I shall hope to be able to supply mounts and frames to your workshop paintings, but beyond that, I don't think that I will be able to help.

All external framing is going on hold for now - sorry if that lets you down.

As her health improves, I'm sure that Polly will be really pleased to take over the reins again, and stop me from interfering in her world! Watch this space!

Technology update - major debit / credit cards now accepted!

We now take plastic – so mail orders are easily available – please phone 01507 526 842 – or email us and we will phone you back.

We accept card payments

Studio, Gallery and Art Materials - Opening Times

The gallery and art materials shop is sometimes open during painting classes - generally Wednesdays, Thursdays and some Saturdays - perhaps get in touch to find a convenient time for a chat......     

We are also open "by appointment".... sounds posh, but all it really means is please give us a ring, and if we are here and free, you will be very welcome to visit!

It's an ideal time to discuss a painting that you might like to have painted especially for you - "Commission" sounds rather serious, but if you have a space on your wall, then perhaps the best way to fill it might be to get an idea of the style of painting from examples in the gallery, then work out the size that would best fit your space...... then together we might be able to come up with a subject that might suit....... then I get to play........... and we'll see what develops!

Please phone 01507 526 842/This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to confirm prior to coming along to ensure we are available.

With refreshments available at the garden center just down the road, we hope that High Meadow Studio will make a place of interest to bring your friends - not just the rich short sighted ones with lots of wall space………..but obviously they would be most welcome!

Find directions to the studio and gallery.