Painting demonstrations can be in watercolour, pastel, acrylic, charcoal, ink or a mixture.....

Usually carried out at an easel so that a large seated audience can watch the fun - a demonstration can be altered to suit individual needs, but would normally last for about 2 hours, starting from the drawing stage and ending up with a completed painting.

A demonstration for your art or social group can be held here at the studio, or at your meeting place.

A demonstration can also be the start of a workshop day, so rather than see a painting come together in stages, you can see start to finish and then attempt a similar masterpiece at your own speed..... ideal for those with more experience.

Painting can be a great team builder too - what about a day for your work , leisure or support group. Demo's and days can be arranged to include all the materials necessary for a fun time with a positive result at the end.

Please get in touch to discuss your thoughts on demonstration days, evenings and workshops for your group or company.

For further details, please Contact Ash.