Greetings cards

All prints found in the print gallery section are also available as greetings cards. In addition to those, some paintings are produced just for greetings cards.

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Ash maintains an extensive range of Christmas and blank greetings cards, featuring his own unique style of painting. You may well be familiar with the very distinctive style of Ash's successful Christmas card range - evolving each year to include new views and new places but maintaining the delicate style of his pastel winter scenes. The Christmas cards are primarily of local scenes from around Lincolnshire, and are available from selected card retailers, or in singles and in bulk from the studio.

The range of blank greetings cards is very varied - local, national and international views, flowers, figures and cartoons are included - painted in different mediums, and all in distinctive styles.

Please feel free to contact Ash or Polly who will be happy to advise you of a retailer in your area or deal with your request. Wholesale quantities can also be available for your business - please talk to us!

Corporate and personalised

Ash is happy to paint new cards with your choice of scene for corporate use or indeed for personal mailings such as wedding invitations or change of address cards. Ash's greetings cards are of extremely high quality and add that 'local' touch to your message. All cards are available in any quantity, with personalised messages for private and corporate customers.

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Your own artwork printed

Your chance to have your own original artwork reproduced onto greetings cards of your own design to a similar professional standard. This service is available for very small print runs - a minimum of 20 cards - and at very competitive prices.

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