If you like the style of a painting, but would like a painting of something / somewhere closer to the heart - perhaps a painting of your house, church or favourite view - why not consider commissioning a painting? It sounds very grand, but all it means is that I paint a picture just for you - and if you like it, we are all happy!

Commissions can be done from your (good quality) photographs, or we can arrange for me to visit the place and take my own. We can arrange to add or omit aspects of the view to suit your interests. If you are able to visit the studio, then you can perhaps visit to view the developing painting so that finishing touches can be very personal to you. With the wonders of computer technology, we can also e-mail a photo of the painting for your approval!

Commission prices will obviously vary depending on the subject and can be discussed individually.

Please contact us for further information.

Example of a commissioned painting:


Photograph of view


 Finished painting